What are the Rates?

$80/hour for All Parent Consultation

Does ABC Employ BCBA’s or Behavior Specialists?

Both - Supervision is included for Behavior Specialists working towards their BCBA certification at no added cost

Do I sign a Contract?

Yes a contract will be developed based on the clients needs.

What is your Consultation Style?

Please check out our testimonials. 

How long will the consultation last?

After your initial consultation, it will be an ongoing consultation model that will cease when the goals identified at the beginning of consultation are met.

What is an FBA and how will it help my child or me as a parent?

An FBA is an evaluation an analyst conducts to further investigate challenging behaviors that are non-responsive to positive reinforcement methods.  The FBA will allow the analyst to create in-depth programming for your child. It is also a great tool to use for collaboration between home and school.

Will you communicate with my child's daycare/school so new skills will be generalized across settings?

With your consent, consultants are able to collaborate with any of your child’s caregivers (doctors, therapists, schools, etc.)

Will you work with my child directly?

Depending on your needs, location, and our waitlist in person or virtual consultation will be determined during your initial 30 minute free consultation. 

What are your credentials?

Please check out  the "About Us" dropdown menu on the homepage of this website.

What is early intervention and why is it valuable?
  • Early intervention is educational programming through the age of 3 where children are able to absorb a multitude of information well before grade level learning starts. Early intervention gives your child a headstart not only for school, but for emotional regulation and reasoning skills.