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Functional Behavior Assessment

ABC’s consultants can provide assessments and evaluations to determine the function of the behavior to develop meaningful interventions to increase adaptive skills. The function of the behavior (why the behavior occurs) will be investigated utilizing a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA). Completing an FBA will help collect information to effectively analyze a student's behavior to identify positive interventions to increase adaptive skills and replacement behaviors and to reduce undesirable behaviors.

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Early Intervention Consultation (Ages 1-3 Years Old)

ABC’s Early Intervention Consultation encompasses programming for children 0-3 years old to get them as best prepared for grade level learning. Early Intervention Consultation focuses on natural moments throughout your day where you can teach your child learner readiness, pre-writing skills, reading, and mathematics at their appropriate developmental level. This is all taught by naturalistic teaching moments that flow smoothly with your daily schedule without it being overwhelming for you as a parent. ABC’s consultation can help with assessing your child through video consultation on specific programming needs and free resources and curriculum to follow to ensure effectiveness.

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School District Behavior Consultation

ABC develops comprehensive programming for students across all grade levels in the special education and general education setting based on resources. Our programming is centered around the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) framework for developing systems to support behavioral, academic, social, emotional, and life-skill acquisition. Additionally, ABC’s consultants provide training to school staff on specific teaching procedures, curriculum development, social emotional programming, social skills training, classroom management systems, and program planning.

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Behavior Consultation for Parents

Is your child struggling listening at home? Is your child struggling at school with behavior? Are you stuck on how to help your child? ABC consultants develop individualized services for parents and their children of all ages. Behavior Consultation for Parents creates interventions that teach children more appropriate behaviors in place of the behaviors parents want to see a decrease in. ABC’s programming strives to strengthen your relationship with your child by helping you build skills with them around regulating emotions and communicating with you effectively.

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Academic Consultation

ABC’s consultants provide interventions and consultation to improve applied comprehension of behavioral and academic skills for students, whether individual or in a group setting. The approach we utilize is focused around instruction to enhance students’ skill acquisition. This approach also includes supporting teachers and staff to improve conceptual understanding on these interventions to increase effective implementation to support students.

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Training for BCBA Certification

ABC’s consultants provide comprehensive training to aspiring behavior analysts (behavior specialists or BCaBAs) as well as fully certified BCBAs. For aspiring BCBAs, our consultants are Board Certified to Supervise individuals working towards their credit hours for their certification. This includes restricted and unrestricted hours. For fully certified BCBAs, our consultants provide systematic and extensive training to enhance behavior analytic skills, strengthen leadership and communication skills, and how to boost interpersonal skills and morale within the consultation environment.

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Academic / Homeschooling Consultation

Considering homeschooling your child and feeling stuck on where to start? Have you been homeschooling for a while or just entering and looking for guidance on when or what to teach? ABC’s consultants are here to answer your questions. We offer a variety of consultation services geared to typical and neurotypical developing individuals.

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