"ABC has been exactly what we needed for behavioral consultation. Erin and her colleagues walk the walk with our staff, which results in teachers really taking to heart their observations and advisement. 

ABC is always responsible to our needs, whether it be changing priorities, taking on a new student, or doing an FBA. These BCBAs roll up their sleeves and support teachers and students from day one, though making sure that all plans are data-driven. Not only are we able to avoid placing our students outside the district, but our staff are clearly honing their skills and feeling confident. As a special education director, I really could not ask for more!" 

- Nancy Dwyer

Director of Special Education RSU4


"I am an Elementary Special Education Teacher and have had the amazing opportunity to have Applied Behavioral Consulting's BCBAs be part of my classroom for the last two years.  Ashley and Erin have worked closely with me and my Educational Technicians to develop a classroom that is based on positive reinforcement.  We have developed positive behavioral support plans (PBSP) that are based on safety and compliance for those students which need one.  Ashley consults with my classroom twice a week.  We talk about the current plans, data and any other questions or concerns.  The behavioral strategies that Ashley brings to the classroom are doable and if I feel they won't work, she listens and we change the plans. 

I was very nervous about having a BCBA in my classroom.  I thought they would come in and change my entire classroom. I was so wrong.  The collaboration between me and Ashley has been outstanding.  I have learned so much about data collection, positive reinforcement and functional communication. 

I would recommend any school district in need of BCBAs to help develop a strong behavioral program based on safety, compliance and positive reinforcement contact Applied Behavioral Consulting."

-Brenda Mansir

Special Education Teacher

“ABC provides the highest quality support to our students and teaching staff through their wide suite of services. As our organizational needs grew, ABC was ready to take on those new challenges with us at every level. ABC continues to be an indispensable part of our school's growth.”

-Casey Baugher

ACADIA Academy Executive Director

"Erin was student centered and gave staff the tools to work with the individual needs of each student.  She was the person you would find on the carpet working with a student to find the best strategy for the student to learn.  She provided insight to staff in the District that allowed them to grow their skills. Erin always had compassion with her method with both staff and students.  She listened to everyone's voice to create concrete plans.  Her enthusiasm to create a better place for children is contagious. Erin worked with our most vulnerable population and continued to do this with grace. You could not ask for a better BCBA, leader and staff.  The student’s in the District made tremendous gains because of her leadership."

- Anonymous


"After interviewing me and reviewing her evaluations, Erin wrote an extremely well thought out plan that was tailored perfectly to T’s needs. She understood that T needed to feel in control and was sure to include many opportunities for T to make her own choices with very little pressure. The plan allowed her to have agency over her own body, to maintain dignity, and to gain self-confidence. Erin wrote several protocols for us to use at home
and also some to be used at school. Each step of the plan was presented to us before put into action and she was more than willing to listen to our input and make changes if needed. It truly was a beautiful collaboration. She
made several visuals and step by step instructions that were easy for us to implement and for T to understand. If we ever had any questions, Erin was always quick to respond with clarification. 

I enthusiastically recommend Erin for parent consult. I truly don’t know where we would be if we never received that recommendation a year and a half ago. T has made incredible progress, going from not using the toilet at all and refusing to even discuss using the bathroom to being completely comfortable talking about it and using the toilet 100% of the time. I can’t express enough how incredibly grateful we are that we were able to work with such an amazing BCBA."

- Michelle Good

Parent Consultation Client

Applied Behavioral Consulting has provided a host of services to Acadia Academy over the years and their team has become a welcome and integral part of our success. 

Erin began working with Acadia Academy in 2020 by supporting students as part of the IEP team where she provided BCBA consultation to a number of students. Erin has also provided carry over services within the home for some of our students which has aided in their acquisition of targeted skills. This additional layer of support to parents was key to the success of our students. For the last two years, Acadia Academy has been fortunate to collaborate with Ashley James, BCBA with Applied Behavioral Consulting. Ashley has worked with our teachers in the general education setting to support teachers’ development of classroom management plans. Ashley's work with our faculty has been incredibly valuable and continues to have positive effects on our students. 

The collaboration ABC has provided in all capacities to Acadia Academy has been invaluable and we look forward to working with Erin, Ashley, and the rest of the ABC team in the future.

-Emily Giorgetti

ACADIA Academy Special Education Director