Academic / Homeschooling Consultation

A child playing with markers.
  1. Considering homeschooling your child and feeling stuck on where to start? Have you been homeschooling for a while or just entering and looking for guidance on when or what to teach? ABC’s consultants are here to answer your questions. We offer a variety of consultation services geared to typical and neurotypical developing individuals. Some common questions we receive are:
    1. How do I start homeschooling?
    2. What are the regulations from my state in terms of homeschooling? 
    3. What curriculums, programs, or teaching materials should I use?
    4. Can it be cost effective?
    5. What if I have multiple kids?
    6. What is a schedule that works for me that is not overwhelming?
    7. What do I do if my child is struggling to learn or maintain their skills?
    8. What do I do when my child is high school level and needing transcripts/diplomas for college applications?
  2. Starting with a free 30 minute consultation, you will meet with one of our expert consultants to create your main goals for homeschooling consultation and discuss your child's specific needs. After the initial interview with the consultant, a parent can choose between two packages: 
    1. General Consultation: The consultant interviews you as the parent in regards to your child's present levels, collaborates with you on programming that matches your financial needs as you create, purchase or find free materials needed, and gives general recommendations on strategies/schedules/free resources 


Full Programming: Consultation where the consultant directly assess your child and develops a full program with your child including creating a schedule of learning that matches your daily routine with easy to follow individualized lesson plans on what materials to use and how to teach it.