Behavior Consultation for Parents

Letter blocks spelling out 'parents' in the sand.

Is your child struggling listening at home? Is your child struggling at school with behavior? Are you stuck on how to help your child? ABC consultants develop individualized services for parents and their children of all ages. Behavior Consultation for Parents creates interventions that teach children more appropriate behaviors in place of the behaviors parents want to see a decrease in. ABC’s programming strives to strengthen your relationship with your child by helping you build skills with them around regulating emotions and communicating with you effectively. Your child will be assessed and will have an individualized plan to target your specific needs. Our consultants can help answer any of your questions and needs, a few examples of questions parents have posed in the past are: 

  1. How can I help my child follow simple directions?
  2. How can I help my child handle “no”
  3. How should I respond when my child is having difficulty regulating their emotions? 
  4. How can I carry these strategies over to the school setting?
  5. What are appropriate consequences for my child?
  6. How can I stop tantrums in public?
  7. What can I do to have smoother transitions into bedtime?

    Starting with a free 30 minute consultation, you will meet with one of our expert consultants to create your main goals for parent consultation and discuss your child's specific needs. From there, our consultants will identify the best tools and strategies to target new behaviors for your child. After the initial interview with the consultant, ongoing consultation will begin, whether through zoom or in person, until the goals of your consultation are met and you feel confident implementing these strategies without direct consultation.