Early Intervention Consultation (1-3 Years Old)

child with parent.

 ABC’s Early Intervention Consultation encompasses programming for children 0-3 years old to get them as best prepared for grade level learning. Early Intervention Consultation focuses on natural moments throughout your day where you can teach your child learner readiness, pre-writing skills, reading, and mathematics at their appropriate developmental level. This is all taught by naturalistic teaching moments that flow smoothly with your daily schedule without it being overwhelming for you as a parent. ABC’s consultation can help with assessing your child through video consultation on specific programming needs and free resources and curriculum to follow to ensure effectiveness. Additionally, the ABC Early Intervention Consultation also uniquely focuses on social emotional learning for your child to increase communication, regulation and reasoning skills. Start with a free 30 minute consultation, you will meet with one of our expert consultants to create your main goals for Early Intervention consultation and discuss your family's specific needs.